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Design and consultancy
Networking is one of the most important areas in information technology, and a thrust area for the customer services business unit. Kalyani Technologies networking group offers development, consultancy, training and technical support in networking and communications.

Kalyani Technologies experienced engineering consultants offer end-to-end design expertise and help the customer eliminate costly errors and redesigns. Utilizing high-level design practices, our engineering consultants develop a complete, implementation-ready engineering design package documenting the configuration parameters for the relevant cables and equipment. By partnering with Kalyani Technologies for detailed network design, the customer is able to take advantage of our expert resources and produce a comprehensive design solution that achieves your objectives.

Steps in network design may include ..
Recognise Customer Needs - As the primary step, our dedicated Account Teams and certified Systems Engineers along with the Client, study the organization, the concerned sector, the short term goals as well as the long - term business vision and objectives. Thereafter, with the application of proven methodologies and preferred industry practices, the best of  the breed network solution is arrived at.
Describe the Existing Network - After gaining a thorough Consumer Insight, our engineers study the already existing Network from close quarters. This helps us to not only understand the contemporary network status, but, also gauge whether it is at par with the client’s actual and potential needs. A complete S.W.O.T. Analysis of the network is effected.
Design Networking & Topology Solution -After the network solution has been identified, begins the process of its practical implementation. Our highly - qualified Site Engineers (under constant Quality Supervision of our Project Managers), configure, install and certify these solutions as delineated in Phase One.
Plan the Network Implementation -The actual phases in which the revised system shall be put into function is demarcated. This is necessary in order to ensure that, the more critical junctions are made functional as fast as possible.
Construct a Prototype Network -Through a replica of the suggested network, which is tested in real life situations, its resilience is measured. This makes the final output foolproof.
Fully document the design - A blueprint of the network is given to the IT team of the Client, with a copy of the same being preserved in our Customer Relationship Management Archives for future references.

Network Solutions

Structured Cabling

Kalyani Technologies offers a strategic and consultative approach to meeting its client’s communication challenges. As a value-added reseller and integrator of structured cabling systems and specializing in data and voice applications, our goal is to ensure that the optimum solution is developed, and operational, when you need it.

We take great pride in providing structured cabling solutions that come with extensive warranties and are capable of outperforming any other in the marketplace. With partners and with the most thoroughly trained technicians in the industry, we are confident that you will find Kalyani Technologies a trusted partner.

Cable Management

Provide structural support systems which organize, store and secure cabling, and valuable computer, data and communications equipment. Cable management systems include two-post systems, four-post systems, wall, ceiling & under-floor systems, zone cabling & wireless enclosures, cable management & runway, and accessories.

   - Cable Pathways and Wiring Ducts and pathways
   - Patch Panels
   - Grounding & Bonding

Wire Less

We provide range of enterprise Wi-Fi solutions in areas where conventional networks do not exist or are difficult to achieve. We also provide high performance Long Range point to point and point to multi-point wireless connections that bypass the need for expensive wired connections.

Wireless network management covers the support and maintenance of end-to-end Wireless data network infrastructure comprising of devices like wireless routers, Wireless access points, Wireless network adapter and monitoring of WLAN infrastructure.

IP telephony

we offer a wide array of profitable VoIP solutions, which would offer you the ultimate quality of VoIP call termination at very economical rates including VoIP PBX, callback service, SMS delivery solutions, calling card platform and PC phone calls.

We have solutions for all your telephony requirements. You would enjoy the liberty of reliable, stable and secured services at very reasonable prices. By integrating high quality telephony services with the online world at very cost effective rates, this factor would definitely provide you the necessary zeal to expand your business and plunge into profitable business ventures without any slight tinge of tension

Unified Communication

In today's fast-paced global business environment, people need to find, communicate with, and collaborate with each other quickly and easily. Kalyani Technologies can help you with Microsoft unified communications solutions to streamline communications between people and organizations, bringing together e-mail, calendaring, voice mail, IM and presence, VoIP, audio, video, and Web conferencing.

Supply of Passive and Active Network Components :

Routers, switches, hubs, print server, all types of printers, modem, scanner, etc.

Ethernet NIC cards, UTP, STP, OFC, Faceplate, RJ45 connector, I/O, etc.




Leave all your technical problems to our Engineers, who under our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) shall vanguard you from incurring unexpected expenditure in the event of any technical failure. The Annual Maintenance Contract shall be an asset in your vision of uninterrupted operations.


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