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Safety Solutions
Having in depth Knowledge, Expertise and Experience in dealing with safety related products and services to help various types of businesses and individuals keep safe. We strategies and formulate foolproof solutions, customized according to the requirements of the clients, best of class with respect to technology and affordable.

By offering End to end solutions you can monitor and or control your safety related needs from a small facility to large globally spread enterprise.

Seamless Integration
Smooth operational processes are of vital importance for successful functioning of any organization. Our integrated safety solutions contribute to your competitive success by covering and eliminating all possible threats posed by the external and internal risk at your business. Kalyani Technologies believe in fully analyzing customers needs, wants and preferences and plying suitable, cost effective solutions offering greater value to our customers. Working as a teem with customers, our specialists engage in consultation and planning to design effective processes and optimize the results.

We offer modular solutions which are flexible and can be tuned with organizational growth. We will always work for the solution which can be fit in existing infrastructure and also scalable for future to ensure future proof technology to make your investments safe.

We offer an integrated solution covering various industrial gas leak detections, fire detection, HVAC monitoring, electrical system montirong upto suppression of fire by water and waterless system.

Our solutions are offered on common platform by integrating various products from most reputed manufactures and configuring them for your applications and needs.

Safety Solutions

Gas Detection system

Our range of various portable & fixed gas detectors covering virtually entire range of detection for toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards. From deserts to the Arctic, our rugged stand-alone systems are fully self-contained protection solutions. Our easy-to-install, low-maintenance systems provide continuous monitoring for toxic gases, combustibles and oxygen hazards at an affordable price. Monitoring and recording software with analytics to which any detectors can be hooked for Integration with other systems and events. Certified for global standards like UL, ATEX, CE, NEMA.

Fire Alarm & Detection system

Our range product covers detection of fires from Smoke, Heat & Flame. These systems are connected centrally for monitoring and to activate the protection system in case of emergency.
The state of the art algorithms written for detection technologies provides immunity from false alarm also capture early detection of fire. We offer addressable as well as conventional products covering detectors from normal photoelectric to advance dual optic and aspiration.

The products are certified with most stringent world standards like VDs, UL, CE. Our solutions are designed as per NFPA, EN54, NBC, TAC etc. NBC, TAC etc.

Fire Suppression Systems

Our range of solutions for protection products varies from Water baser Fire Hydrant, Sprinklers, MWV, HWV, Water mist solutions including pump rooms, piping etc. covering right from design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning.

Our water less solution include CO2, Argonite, Fm200, Novec based gas suppression products used in high values asset protection.

These systems are supervised and monitored from fire alarm system and integrated with BIS / BMS system for central monitoring.


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